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Origins of Christian LiturgySearch for the Origins of Christian Worship
by Paul Bradshaw

Introduction to Christian Worship by James F. White

Doctrine and Practice - HallDoctrine and Practice in the Early Church
by Stuart George Hall

Doors to the Sacred: A Historical Introduction to Sacraments in the Catholic Church
by Joseph Martos

New SCM DictionaryThe New SCM Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship
by Paul F. Bradshaw (Editor)

Company of Voices: Daily Prayer and the People of God by George Guiver

Ritual Theory,Ritual Practice
by Catherine Bell

John Macquarrie
A Guide to the Sacraments

Splendid and thorough guide, with solid historical references and an exceptional treatment of the richness of Antlican doctrine. My personal favourite.

By the same author:

Cheslyn Jones (ed.)
The Study of Liturgy

Many essays by prominent scholars, treating the history of liturgy. Editors include Geoffrey Wainwright and Paul Bradshaw.

Edward Foley
From Age to Age: How Christians Have Celebrated the Eucharist

This is not an exhaustive scholarly work, but gives a good timeline overview. It is nicely illustrated, and ideal for those interested in a thorough look at liturgical history without needing in-depth treatment. Very good for a school or parish study.

Thomas Cranmer : A Life
Diarmaid MacCulloch - Remarkably interesting, and provides a history of the early Prayer Book with titbits one could not easily find in other chronicles. 'Hot 100" list of best-sellers -
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