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Shakespeare Mania? Try  some of these - or check here for videos  and music on renaissance and other themes related to this site.

The Bard's Own work:

Companion volumes: Related Items:

Lacey Baldwin Smith:

The Later Tudors : England, 1547-1603
by Penry Williams

Dissing Elizabeth :
Negative Representations of Gloriana
edited by Julia M. Walker

The Sunne in Splendour
by Sharon Kay Penman

The Virgin Queen
Elizabeth I, Genius of the Golden Age 
by Christopher Hibbert

Current historical fiction on  renaissance or mediaeval themes:

A Time for the Death of a King (Mary Stuart)
by Ann Dukthas

The Queen's Bastard : A Novel (Elizabeth I)
by Robin Maxwell

The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn : A Novel
by Robin Maxwell

Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles : A Novel
by Margaret George

The Forgotten Queen (Empress Matilda)
by Haley Elizabeth Garwood

Swords Across the Thames (Warrior Queen Series)
by Haley Elizabeth Garwood

The Fields of Bannockburn :
A Novel of Christian Scotland from Its Origins to Independence
by Donna Fletcher Crow

Down the Common :
A Year in the Life of a Medieval Woman : A Novel
by Ann Baer

Nothing Like the Sun : A Story of Shakespeare's Love-Life
by Anthony Burgess

Shakespeare : A Life
by Park Honan

Death of the Fox : A Novel of Elizabeth and Raleigh
George P. Garrett

The Quality of Mercy
by Faye Kellerman

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