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Works by Josef Ratzinger - Pope Benedict XVI - in my estimation, one of the greatest theologians of the centuries.

Living in the End Times - AlisonLiving in the End Times: The Last Things Re-imagined by James Alison

Anglican Papalism

Anglican Papalism by Michael Yelton

Knowing Jesus - Alison, WilliamsKnowing Jesus by Rowan Williams (Foreword), James Alison

Resurrection - NT WrightThe Resurrection of the Son of God  by N.T. Wright 

Historical TheologyHistorical Theology: An Introduction to the History of Christian Thought by Alister McGrath 

Christian Faith - GuntonThe Christian Faith: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine by Colin E. Gunton 

Intro to Christianity - McGrathAn Introduction to Christianity by Alister E. McGrath 

New Jerome CommentaryThe New Jerome Biblical Commentary by Raymond Edward Brown
Cambridge Companion to Christian DoctrineThe Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine  by Colin E. Gunton (Editor) 

Henry Chadwick (ed.)
Not Angels, But Anglicans

Enjoyable collection of essays, from various prominent scholars, treating of the history of the Church in England.

Gary Macy
Treasures from the Storeroom :
Medieval Religion and the Eucharist

This volume belongs on the shelf of any medievalist or student of theology - it is perhaps more enlightening for the 21st century than for the 13th century climate, since the pluralism of the latter was far more genuine and intelligent. Its humour and insight make it a pleasant dose of originality - and it is the first comprehensive study I've seen of this area. Special attention to the Franciscan theologians (who, in England particularly, were quite extraordinary - even Aquinas looks bland next to Bonaventure and Duns Scotus.)

Raymond E. Brown - one of the foremost Scripture scholars of the 20th century - and a highly "readable" author.

Thomas Keating
Words that seem very simple ... for ten seconds. Then, a treasure. I only recently was introduced to these works, and quickly sought to pass the recommendation to others.

N.T. Wright - outstanding and highly readable presentations, where the "historic Jesus" most definitely is one and the same as the "Christ of faith" - yet perhaps not in the images we imagined:

Thomas Dubay - classic ascetic theology tailored in modern dress

Rowan Williams - the Bishop of Wales is amongst the greatest theologians of the century

Karl Rahner

Gerald O'Collins - excellent work regarding Christology - scripturally based

Daily Readings from Spiritual Classics : Contemporary Devotions Based on Texts
by Augustine, C.S. Lewis and Other Writers
Paul Ofstedal

The Allegory of Love : A Study in Medieval Tradition
C. S. Lewis

More by C.S. Lewis:

By G.K. Chesterton: By Hans Urs Von Balthasar:


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