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Some categories overlap - for example, there are photographs of the outdoors which include friends in each other's company. Some images relate specifically to the themes of this site.
Category Type of picture Summary
Floral Arrangements Photograph Varied arrangements, mostly suited to  all occasions - one bridal bouquet - two which show children presenting the flowers.
Outdoors Photograph Six pages of pictures adaptable to any occasion. Both urban and rural settings; some images of wild animals; various nations represented.
Medieval Churches Photograph Views of medieval cathedrals and abbeys. This section shall be expanding.
Cats Photograph 14 Domestic cats, one painting.
Romance - nostalgia Nostalgic Musical ads for love songs from the early 1900s - wtih pictures and titles that would make for playful greetings. 32 images.
Paris Photographs Small collection of photographs of one of my favourite spots. 
London Photographs ....but there still is no place like London. 
Love - fun GIF Clip art Lighthearted, rather silly images related to love.
Other animals Photograph Small selection of pictures of various animals. See also Outdoors.
Rabbits Photograph Rabbits (12), some in action poses!
Friendship Photograph Pictures of activities, including people of various ages.  Two pages of photos.
Birthday Photograph Pictures specifically related to the birthday theme, and some nostalgic birthday cards. Other categories have appropriate "friendship" images.
B&W Images Grey Scale Photographs Nearly 40 pictures from the early days of photography - fun for various occasions. Everyone's here, from baby to ingenue to bishop!
Castles Photograph Twelve images of castles.
Folklore images GIF Clip art  Lighthearted images of characters from mythology and fairy stories.
Romance Photograph Couples of all ages are represented. See also Nostalgic Romance Cards and Valentines.
Religious art Photograph Pictures, mostly from famous artists of the renaissance, suited for Christmas or other religious occasions.
Christmas Photograph Five pages of festive images, mostly not religious, related to the Christmas season. 
Xmas &  New Year  Nostalgic Actual greeting cards from the Edwardian era.
Valentine Nostalgic Greeting cards from the early 1900s.
Easter Photographs &
Pictures and classic greeting cards, suited to Easter or Spring. See also Rabbits.
Halloween Photographs Nine greetings suited for Halloween.

This site is in its infancy - there will be far more to come if there is a significant response to the postcard options.
Enjoy - Gloriana

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