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Four stars from Gloriana - click the links for detailed information and pricing!


1066 & All That:
Memorable History of England 
W. C. Sellar, R. J. Yeatman

Good things - bad things - better things - all hilariously presented in this memorable history.

Life is Not a Dress Size
by Rita Farro

I'll admit to loving fashion... and even admit that I am a "BBW." Rita's delightful work, aimed at us larger ladies but valuable to anyone who believes fashion should be expressive and fun, is a goldmine of ideas for personal style. The sewing supplement led me to dust off my sewing machine and begin dressmaking once again. (Ladies who enjoy Rita's book may be interested to know that Rita's patterns are available online through Stretch and Sew.)

Susan Howatch's absorbing Church of England series - try one, and you'll want them all:

Jose Silva Mind Control-
I have found it very valuable in developing memory and educational ability Light fare with family humour-
Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson

The Oracle Glass
by Judith Merkle Riley - Fiction
Masquerade and murder, witchcraft, wonder, and romance in the magnificent court of Louis XIV. Then try some further renaissance romance and intrigue with The Serpent Garden.

The Glass Lake
by Maeve Binchy - totally absorbing! And don't miss Maeve's wonderful characterisations and depictions of warm relationships in these volumes:

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
by Betty Smith - classic tale of every type of love

Another View
Rosamund Pilcher - latest from the author of 
The Shell Seekers

Helen and Teacher
Joseph P. Lash - extraordinary Helen Keller biography

To Sir, With Love
E.R. Braithwaite - superb classic

Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing
Lynda S. Robinson
Sleuthing at the court of King Tut!

Fabulous You! Unlock your Perfect Personal Style!
by Toni Hartman

Fun guide to personal style in women's fashions.

Children's pick - ages 4-8:

Dancin' in the Kitchen
by Wendy Gelsanliter, Marjorie Priceman (Illustrator), Frank Christian (Contributor) 

Something about the vivid illustrations, catchy poetry, and warm but "hip" family depictions has enchanted children I know. Your only regret will be that the kids will repeat the upbeat rhymes again and again.

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