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General mediaeval and renaissance themes - for children
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The Duke and the Peasant
Wendy Beckett

Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages
Vicki Leon

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
Roger Lancelyn Green, Lotte Reiniger

Favorite Medieval Tales
Mary Pope Osborne, et al

Parzival : The Quest of the Grail Knight
Katherine Paterson, Wolfram Parzival

Days of Knights and Damsels : An Activity Guide
Laurie Carlson

The Sword in the Stone
Grace MacCarone, Joe Boddy

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
Thomas Mallory

Merlin and the Dragons
Jane Yolen, Ming Li

Tales of King Arthur (Usborne Library of Fantasy and Adventure Series)
Stuart Atkinson

Young Guinevere
Robert D. San Souci, Jamichael Henterly

Medieval Messenger
Paul Dowswell

Living in Castle Times
Robyn Gee

The Viking World (Usborne Illustrated World History)
Philippa Wingate, et al

Time Traveller Book of Knights and Castles
Judy Hindley, Toni Goffe

The Middle Ages (History of Everyday Things)
Giovanni Caselli

The Truth About Castles
Gillian Clements

The World of Castles and Forts
Malcolm Day

Castle (Eyewitness Books)
Christopher Gravett, et al

Philip Wilkinson

Knight (Eyewitness Books)
Christopher Gravett, Dann Geoff

Who Were the Vikings? (Starting Point History Series)
Jane Chisholm, et al

The Vikings : 350 Years of Adventure to Unlock and Discover
Fiona MacDonald

Odin's Family : Myths of the Vikings
Neil Philip, Maryclare Foa

A Medieval Cathedral (Inside Story)
Fiona MacDonald, John James

Castles (Ladybird Explorers)
David Alderton, et al

What Were Castles For (Starting Point History Series)
Phil Roxbee Cox, et al

The Early Middle Ages (History of the World)
Raintree Editorial Staff

The Black Death (World History Series)
Phyllis Corzine

First Facts About the Middle Ages
Fiona MacDonald, et al

Medieval Britain : Conquest, Power and People
Tony McAleavy

Late Middle Ages (History of the World)
Raintree Steck-Vaughn

The Middle Ages (Spotlights)
Sarah McNeill

Life in the Middle Ages (Megascope Series)
Evelyne Brisou-Pellen, Antoine Sabbagh

The Middle Ages (History of Everyday Things)
Giovanni Caselli

Medieval Castles (Cambridge Introduction to World History)
Conrad Cairns

Knights (First Books)
Carole Lynn Corbin

Knights (All Aboard Reading. Level 2)
Catherine Daly-Weir, Jeff Crosby

Middle Ages (My World)
Peter Chrisp

Perugino's Path : The Journey of a Renaissance Painter
Nancy L. Clouse

Ivanhoe (World's Classics)
Sir Walter Scott

Celtic Fairy Tales
Joseph Jacobs

Barbara Karlin, James Marshall

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
Brothers Grimm, Josef Schar

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