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Arthurian Legends
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The Arthurian Legends : An Illustrated Anthology
Richard Barber

Le Morte D'Arthur : The Winchester Manuscript
Thomas Malory, et al

Arthurian Legends of the Middle Ages
George Cox

The Arthurian Quest : Living the Legends of Camelot
Amber Wolfe

The Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends
Ronan Coghlan

The mammoth book of Arthurian legends
Michael Ashley

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Arthurian Legends
Ronan Coghlan

The winter king - a novel of Arthur
Bernard Cornwell

Mists of Avalon
Marion Zimmer Bradley - her books are enchanting, despite the liberties she takes with presenting the Arthurian legends, and her telling them from the perspective of the female characters is quite intriguing

Taliesin : The Pendragon cycle : Book 1
Stephen Lawhead

The once and future king : The classic Arthurian epic
T.H. White

Tales from King Arthur (Wordsworth Collection)

Arthur and the Sword
Robert Sabuda

Tales of King Arthur (Usborne Library of Fantasy and Adventure Series)
Stuart Atkinson

Top ten Arthurian legends
Margaret Simpson, Michael Tickner

Bernard Cornwell

Merlin : The Pendragon cycle : Book 2
Stephen Lawhead

Arthur : The Pendragon cycle : Book 3
Stephen Lawhead

Enemy of God : A novel of Arthur
Bernard Cornwell

Celtic Mythology : Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth From Druidism to Arthurian Legend
Ward Rutherford

The Fires of Merlin
T. A. Barron

The Battle for Camelot (Quest for Camelot)
Nancy E. Krulik

Hallowquest : A Tarot Journey Through the Arthurian World
Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews

Arthurian Tarot/Book and Cards
Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews

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