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Elizabeth G. Melillo is a master of education & doctor of humanities with a special interest in medieval and renaissance Europe and classic Catholic theology. She is the webmistress of Gloriana's Court, a site dedicated to medieval culture and spirituality. Dr. Melillo is an IT manager and operates an internet consulting/design business.She recently was named to the international Who's Who on the Internet.

Books about themes of this site for young readers:

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A Medieval Cathedral (Inside Story)
Fiona MacDonald

Medieval People
by Sarah Howarth

The Middle Ages (History of Everyday Things)
Giovanni Caselli

Over 900 Years Ago : With the Vikings
Hazel Mary Martell

Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages
Vicki Leon

Robin Hood
Margaret Early

The Seven Wonders of the Historic World
Reg Cox, et al

The Time Trekkers Visit the Middle Ages
Kate Needham, et al

Valentine and Orson
Nancy Eckholm Burkert

Susan M. Margeson, et al

What Do We Know About the Middle Ages?
Sarah Howarth

The World in the Time of Marco Polo
Fiona MacDonald

The World of Camelot :
King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table

Michael Foss

The World of Castles and Forts
Malcolm Day

The World of the Medieval Knight
Christopher Gravett, Brett Breckon

The magic of C. S. Lewis:

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