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Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden : An Illustrated Companion to Medieval Plants and Their Uses
Robin Whiteman, et al

Chaucer and His Readers : Imagining the Author in Late-Medieval England 
by Seth Lerer

Daily Life in Chaucer's England
by Jeffrey L. Singman, Will McLean

The Measure of Reality : Quantification and Western Society, 1250-1600
by Alfred W. Crosby

Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia
by William Rose Benet (Editor), Bruce Murphy (Editor)

The Hobbit
by J. R. R. Tolkien, Alan Lee (Illustrator) - deluxe edition

Highlanders : A History of the Scottish Clans
Fitzroy MacLean

Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings 
Amy Ruth Kelly

The Illustrated Jesus Through the Centuries
by Jaroslav Pelikan

The New Joy of Cooking
Irma Rombauer et al

Twelve Top Designers Create Interiors for Today
Fleur Rossdale, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill 

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