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Calendars and Diaries - those listed are related to themes of this site. Many others are available - please use the search engine at the bottom of this page to find other subjects.

Forgotten English : A 365-Day Calender of Vocabulary for 1999

Medieval Woman : An Illuminated Calendar


Sleeping Fairies Datebook (Collection of Images)

Flower Fairies Calendar (Beatrix Potter)




Stained Glass


Celtic Book of Days


Angels Calendar

Host of Angels : Advent Calendar

Angels All Around Us : Angelic Thoughts, Quotes, and Wisdom

Guardian Angels

All Saints Calendar

Country Churches Calendar


Italian Renaissance Calendar

365 Bible Verses-A-Year Calendar


Herb Gardens Calendar


Herbs, Bouquets, Recipes, and Fine Country Things Calendar

Calendar of Art Exhibitions 1999-2000

Classical Music

World of Narnia Calendar

Leonardo da Vinci: Calendar: 1999

Tolkien Calendar: 1999: The Hobbit

Redheads : Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - in recognition of the real Gloriana and of myself, both proud redheads

Millennium Calendar: 1999 'Hot 100" list of best-sellers -
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Categories for book selections are based on themes from this site. Please use the search engine below to find other titles.

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