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The Complete Poetry and Prose of Geoffrey Chaucer

The Riverside Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales (Oxford World's Classics)

The Canterbury Tales (Middle English Edition)

The Canterbury Tales : A modern prose rendering
by David Wright

Chaucer and His Readers : Imagining the Author in Late-Medieval England
Seth Lerer

Chaucer to Spenser : An Anthology (Blackwell Anthologies)
Derek Albert Pearsall

Chaucer's knight : The portrait of a medieval mercenary
Terry Jones

The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer : A Critical Biography
(Blackwell Critical Biographies)
Derek Pearsall

Valerie Allen, Ares Axiotis

The Cambridge Chaucer Companion
Piero Boitani

Chaucer Name Dictionary :
A Guide to Astrological, Biblical, Historical, Literary, and Mythological Names in the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer Jacqueline De Weever

Pseudo-Autobiography in the Fourteenth Century :
Juan Ruiz, Guillaume De MacHaut, Jean Froissart, and Geoffrey Chaucer
Laurence De Looze

Encyclopaedia of British Humourists :
Geoffrey Chaucer to John Cleese
Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol 906 (2 Vol Set)

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