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Books with a medieval, renaissance, or fantastic flavour...that have earned four stars from Gloriana!
Art & Architecture

Sampler of some new selections:

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Mary Margaret Funk, OSB - excellent exploration of classic Christian approaches to the life of prayer, based largely on the writings of John Cassian, and well adapted to modern interpretation.

Church History

Glorious Battle: The Cultural Politics of Victorian Anglo-Catholicism
John Shelton Reed - A tempting combination of history, humour, and delectably irreverent descriptions.


New International Greek New Testament Commentaries - superb commentaries with in-depth treatment of the nuance and historical influences affecting the original texts. It is not necessary to have knowledge of Greek in order to benefit from the commentaries. I use varied works in scripture study, but this series remains my favourite.

Shakespeare Mania has its own page of recommended books and related items

The Medieval Reader
by Norman F. Cantor 
Genuine, firsthand accounts of the era, collected from numerous  sources. 

The Great Cat Massacre
And Other Episodes in French Cultural History
by Robert Darnton 

The Stripping of the Altars
Traditional Religion in England, C.1400-C.1580 - History
by Eamon Duffy
Fascinating perspective which answers many questions.

The Civilization of the Middle Ages
by Norman F. Cantor - History
Excellent introduction to the period.

Autobiography of Henry VIII
by Margaret George - Historical fiction
Margaret George presents a deep and often humourous portrayal of this complex and colourful monarch.

The Lore of the Unicorn
by Odell Shephard - Folklore
The potpourri of delightful historical misconceptions (from a time when zoology was studied in libraries and the giraffe seemed as fantastic as the ant-lion) is enriched by wry and irresistible wit.

The Oracle Glass
by Judith Merkle Riley - Fiction
Masquerade and murder, witchcraft, wonder, and romance in the magnificent court of Louis XIV. Genevieve, our youthful fortune teller, presents an offbeat point of view that is totally engaging - and the action, based on actual police records from the period, will appeal equally to lovers of mystery or history.

The Book of Kells: An Illuminated Introduction
by Bernard Meehan - wonderful gift book

Celtic Art: From its Beginnings to the Book of Kells
Ruth and Vincent Megaw - excellent gift

Dedalus Book of Medieval Lit : The Grin of the Gargoyle
by Brian Murdoch (Editor)

Divorced, Beheaded, Survived
by Karen Lindsey - History/Biography
While the feminist perspective was a bit too speculative for my taste, the fascinating study of the legendary six wives of Henry VIII has a refreshingly brilliant perspective.

Magical Arthurian trilogy from Marion Zimmer Bradley! - Fiction

Thomas Cranmer: A Life
by Diarmaid MacCulloch - Biography
This full and vivid portrait of a man of integrity lends an intense and oft-neglected perspective to any picture of the House of Tudor.

The First Elizabeth
by Carolly Erickson - Biography
This series is as "readable" and entertaining as fiction - yet will capture the mind and understanding with its added dimensions of both the individuals and their time.

By the same author:

The Children of Henry VIII
by Alison Weir - History/Biography
Alison Weir presents a very human and exciting portrait of complex persons whose identities are too often obscured by the clouds of myth.

By the same author:

French Renaissance festival, anyone?
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