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More books on this site's themes

A World Lit Only by Fire
The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance Portrait of an Age 
by William Manchester 

Fabulous Feasts : Medieval Cookery and Ceremony
by Madeleine Pelner Cosman

Frances Gies, Joseph Gies

Bible and Sword : England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour 
by Barbara Wertheim Tuchman 

Magic in the Middle Ages (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks) 
by Richard Kieckhefer 

Bulfinch's Mythology : 
The Age of Chivalry and Legends of Charlemagne or Romance in the Middle Ages 
by Thomas Bulfinch, Norma Lorre Goodrich

The Spanish Inquisition : A Historical Revision 
by Henry Kamen 

The Faerie Queene (Penguin Classics) 
by Edmund Spenser - Meet the original Gloriana!

The Animal That Never Was :In Search of the Unicorn
Matti Megged

Treasures of the Unicorn : The Return to the Sacred Quest 
by Ted Andrews

Here There Be Unicorns 
by Jane Yolen, David Wilgus (Illustrator)

Unicorns I Have Known
by Robert Vavra

The Book of Fairies : Nature Spirits from Around the World 
by Rose Williams, Robin T. Barrett (Illustrator)

Celtic Myth & Legend : An A-Z of People and Places 
Mike Dixon-Kennedy

The Realm of Prester John
by Robert Silverberg

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
Brothers Grimm

Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages 
Umberto Eco

Dress in the Middle Ages
Francoise Piponnier, Perrine Mane 

Flowers, Birds, and Unicorns : Medieval Needlepoint
Candace Bahouth, et al

The Art of Medieval Manuscripts
Krystyna Weinstein

The Bayeux Tapestry
Wolfgang Grape 

Bernard H. Breslauer Collection of Manuscript Illuminations
William M. Voelkle, et al

The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi : Glory and Destruction
Giorgio Bonsanti

Poetic Identity in Guillaume De Machaut
Kevin Brownlee

A History of Western Music
by Donald Jay Grout, Claude V. Palisca

Norton Anthology of Western Music : Ancient to Baroque
Claude V. Palisca (Editor)

Anthology of Medieval Music
Richard H. Hoppin (Editor)

The Apocryphal Jesus : Legends of the Early Church
J. K. Elliott (Editor)

Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus
by Glenn Kimball

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