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The Oxford Study Bible : Revised English Bible With Apocrypha
M. Jack Suggs, et al

New Scofield Study Bible; Bonded Leather (KJV)

1662 Book of Common Prayer : Burgundy Calfskin Leather

The Westminster Concise Bible Dictionary
Barbara Smith

Oxford Dictionary of the Bible
W. R. F. Browning, Graham Stanton

New Jerome Biblical Commentary - reprint 2000
Raymond E. Brown, editor

N.T. Wright - outstanding and highly readable presentations, where the "historic Jesus" most definitely is one and the same as the "Christ of faith" - yet perhaps not in the images we imagined:

Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

Historical Handbook of Major Biblical Interpreters
Donald K. McKim

Word Become Flesh : Dimensions of Christology
Brian O. McDermott

The Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism
Bernard McGinn, et al

I personally favour the New International Greek New Testament Commentaries

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