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Elizabeth G. Melillo is a doctor of humanities with a special interest in medieval and renaissance Europe and classic Catholic theology. She is the webmistress of Gloriana's Court, a site dedicated to medieval culture and spirituality. A Novell Certified Web Author and Internet Business Strategist,  Dr. Melillo is an IT manager and operates an internet consulting/design business. She recently was named to the international Who's Who on the Internet

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Mediaeval & Renaissance Art

Illuminated Manuscripts
Treasures of the Pierpont Morgan Library
William M. Voelkl

Holy Terrors : Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings
Janetta Rebold Benton

Medieval Costume and Fashion
Herbert Norris

The Book of Kells
Bernard Meehan

The Unicorn Tapestries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Adolph Salvatore Cavallo

The Gothic Image
Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century
Emile Male

The Illuminated Manuscripts of Medieval Spain
Mireille Mentre

The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of the Renaissance
David Rundle(Editor)

Michelangelo : The Vatican Frescoes 
Pierluigi De Vecchi

Michelangelo & the Creation of the Sistine Chapel
Robin Richmond 

Romanesque: Towns, Cathedrals and Monasteries
Xavier Barral I Altet, et al 

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