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"The end of humanity is the glory of God and the glory of God is humanity fully alive."
- Saint Irenaeus

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LOS ANGELES TIMES PICKThis site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 15 December 1998.
(Please do not contact me about Los Angeles if a net search finds these key words - I am thousands of miles from there.)

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Graphics images that are not of my own design were purchased from Xoom Web Clip Empire or Corel. Faerie images not of my own design were found elsewhere on the Web, and, to my knowledge, are public domain. Should you be the designer of a graphic that is protected by copyright, please contact me, and I shall, according to your preference, either remove the graphic or link to your site and provide your copyright notice.

Others are welcome to link to this site. If you wish to use the backgrounds or graphics that I have designed, the MIDI files I sequenced, or any of the material in my essays, please E-Mail me with details. I would expect credit and a reciprocal link in any case. All essays on this site are protected by copyright.

Links which I have provided are intended to enable further study of the topics, and have a broad perspective. This does not necessarily indicate my agreement with the contents or with the positions held by the authors.